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Here, we unpack answers to your most frequently asked questions. 

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  • What is the science of reading?
    The “Science of Reading” is a large body of international research from a range of disciplines eg. developmental psychology, educational psychology, and cognitive neuroscience that are consistent in their finding on the process of learning to read and the best practice for the teaching of reading.
  • What is structured literacy?
    Structured Literacy is an umbrella term to describe an explicit and sequential literacy approach that teaches ALL children to read, write and spell with confidence using phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary knowledge, fluency and comprehension created from evidence-based research. The Little Learners Love Literacy® decodable stories and resources are available to shop through our online store, supporting the teaching of Structured Literacy.
  • How long will it take for my order to arrive?
    We use New Zealand Couriers, so many orders are overnight delivery. If further afield, please allow up to three days for your order to arrive. You can expect to receive a tracking link from New Zealand Couriers once your order has been picked up.
  • Where can I find out when and where the next workshops are?
    Keep ahead of any updates by following the Liz Kane Literacy Facebook page. To view upcoming workshops in your region, visit our Professional Learning page for dates and locations.
  • Can I travel to a workshop outside my area?
    Ideally, teachers should only register for workshops in their local area. If places do come available, Liz Kane Literacy will advertise for others outside the region to attend. Keen to see a workshop in your region? Express interest by emailing
  • Is Liz Kane available for Professional Development in my school for the entire year?
    Yes, this service is currently available. However, Liz Kane is fully booked for 2021. To learn more about what’s available to advance your - or your school’s - teaching of literacy, visit our Professional Learning page on our website.
  • I hear the term 'Scope and Sequence', please explain this."
    A scope is the content of what will be taught and the sequence is the order the content will be taught in. With Little Learners Love Literacy the S and S begins at Stage 1 with learning the sound/letter correspondences of m, s, f, a, p, t, c, i. What do I teach next is often answered by looking at the sequence, it clearly tells a teacher what to teach next.
  • I’m a teacher, how do the Stages of the decodable books align with NZ year groups?"
    Stages 1 - 6 corresponds with the first year of school and Stages 7.1 - 7.5 with the second year. In Year 1, Stage 1 can take all of the first term and following that we aim for children to complete two stages per term. However, we also know that a number of students will take three years to complete all seven stages. Knowing where they are in the scope and sequence of Little Learners Love Literacy is most important.
  • I’m a parent/ teacher. Which resource is right for me?
    We’re currently in the process of pulling together in depth articles on how you can support your child from home. These can be found in our articles section. If you have an urgent question, please feel free to fill in the contact form at the base of our website. If you have a 5 year old just starting out…. The Parent Starter Kit has engaging activities to get your child started with reading and spelling with confidence. If your child is a little older… you could start with decodable books and resources from Stage Plus 4 or 5. If your child is struggling… please feel free to contact me and I can guide you where to start.
  • I’m a parent. Is The Code suitable for me to use with my child(ren)?
    Yes, The Code has a scope and sequence you can follow to support you teaching your child. There are assessments that guide you where to start in The Code and a lesson plan to walk you through a lesson.
  • Do you have any video tutorials on how to use your resources?
    Not yet. But this is something we’ll be working towards in 2021. Watch this space.
  • Can I order on behalf of my school and receive an invoice instead of paying online?
    Yes, that is now an option when you go to Checkout in the store. Select manual payment and follow the instructions. Need help? Get in touch via email at
  • Where can I learn more about literacy? Any external sources you can recommend?
    Absolutely! Please head to our Further Reading page to discover the reports, readings, webinars, podcasts (and so much more) that have been crucial tools in developing our tools.
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