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Effective, explicit and engaging reading and writing practice


These workbook activities are focussed, effective and engaging - building both reading and writing skills. Each evidence-based targeted activity explicitly focuses on or more of the following literacy skills: phonemic awareness; phonics and decoding; reading fluency; comprehension; vocabulary knowledge; spelling and writing.


Each workbook contains 32 pages of varied reading, spelling and writing practice written by intervention specialist Tomi Liddle, plus teacher/tutor support notes.


This pack includes 5x copies each of Workbooks 1-6 (30 workbooks in total) including:


  • Workbook 1 & Workbook 2 practice Stages 1-4 (the simple alphabetic code). Workbook 3 &
  • Workbook 4 practice Stages +4-5 (adjacent consonants and double letters). Workbook 5 &
  • Workbook 6 practice Stages 5-6 (consonant digraphs).

Fox Kid Small Group Workbook Pack Stages 1-6

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