The Little Learners Assessment of Spelling Skills (LLASS) is a diagnostic and formative spelling assessment designed to inform teaching and monitor student progress. The LLASS follows the sequence of the Little Learners Love Literacy sequence to reveal to what extent children are able to apply their phonologic and morphologic knowledge to spell with accuracy, and to identify any gaps in students' knowledge of phoneme-grapheme correspondences. 


You will receive a print copy of the LLASS plus a digital copy with a data spreadsheet for error analysis.


If the LLASS is paid for online, then you will receive an email within a few minutes with the link to download the digital resources, however, if using a school invoice - which is fine - then it may take 24 hours for your invoice to be marked completed. Once processed and marked completed you will be sent the download link.  Your print version of the LLASS will be mailed to you within two or three days. 

LLASS Little Learners Assessment of Spelling Skills