Milo's Alphabet Cards introduces the 26 a-z letter cards for Chitter Chatter Chant and Speed Sounds. These alphabet flashcards link with the storybook,Milo's Birthday Surprise as well as the Alphabet Freize and Milo's Birthday Surprise placemat.


Milo's Alphabet Cards pack also contains two picture cards for Milo and his friends from the story of Milo's Birthday Surprise.  


What is Chitter Chatter Chant?  Chitter Chatter Chant provides a mnemonic support for learning the most common sounds of the a - z letters. Chitter Chatter Chant should always be followed by Speed Sounds as we want children to look at the letter and say the sound automatically.  Watch Fiona as she shows us how to do this. 

Milo's Alphabet Games


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