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Starting your child on the road to reading is very exciting!


Little Learners Love Literacy® introduces sounds and letters in the engaging story called Milo's Birthday Surprise. We then practise and apply through a range of activities and games focussing on letters and sounds of the alphabet, handwriting, reading and spelling. The materials in this pack allow children to apply their learning and build confidence as they start their reading journey.


This pack contains everything you need to make reading and writing fun at home - perfect for pre-school and school starters alike.


Milo’s Parent Pack includes:


Milo's Birthday Surprise storybook – introduce 26 letters and sounds

Milo's Birthday Surprise Alphabet Frieze – a must for every child's bedroom

Milo's Birthday Surprise Placemat – enjoy every meal with all of Milo's friends, while learning the alphabet

Milo's Making Words Placemats – introduce spelling of 3 letter (consonant-vowel-consonant) words

Milo's Making Words Flipbook – create real (and fun) words together

Milo's Birthday Surprise Activity Book – practise handwriting, phonemic awareness, reading and spelling

Milo's Alphabet Games – practise chitter chatter chants and speed sounds – and more!

Read and Match Word Game – build reading fluency.

Milo’s Letters and Sounds Starter Kit

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