Milo's Read and Match has 8 boards with four pictures of consonant, vowel, consonant words. There are 32 word cards to play a Bingo style game.


Children love this game developing their decoding/reading skills as they play. It is a great opportunity to discuss the vocabulary. Talking about words is equally important at school and home. 


Alternative game to develop phonemic skills: choose one of the board cards and discuss the pictures, for example, the card with run, ten, pig, box.


Segment one of the words, for example, /r/ /u/ /n/ using Ally talk. Model this segmenting at first followed by the word. Then repeat with the children joining in.  


Gradually fade out the modelling so that children can blend the sounds independently.


Children can also take turns at segmenting a word while others identify the picture.  The skills of segmenting and blending are important for reading and spelling. 

Milo's Read and Match Game


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