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Milo's Teacher Resource Pack for Stages 1-4.

This pack comprises the Milo's Teacher Resource Book plus Milo's Activity Book now available together at a discounted price.


How do I teach Little Learners Love Literacy Stages 1 - 4?

Milo's Teacher Resource provides simple lesson plans and ideas to ensure your teaching is effective and targeted. Milo's Activity book for Stages 1 - 4 provides activities for handwriting, phonemic awareness, reading and spelling. There is one page for Milo and each one of his friends.  As soon as children have learnt the first 6 phonemes and graphemes they are introduced to reading words. 

Little Learners Love Literacy has been created from evidence-based research; this resource explains how to teach explicitly so that ALL children learn to read, write and spell. 

Milo's Teacher Resource book has an Ally puppet and a USB - Milo's Music and copymasters for handwriting and art/craft activities. 

Blending sounds together to read begins once the first vowel sound /a/ is introduced. Children practise this skill of blending sounds right from the beginning. 

Ally the alligator puppet is an easy way for children to learn the skills of blending and segmenting. Ally only speaks in sounds, she cannot speak in words. Children respond to Ally and their phonemic awareness skills take off quickly. Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear and manipulate sounds in words. A vital skill for literacy learning. 

Spelling starts from the beginning with the Super Spelling strategy as explained in Milo's Teacher Resource book. Children are actively involved in making words - reading and spelling.  A Let's Spell activity is provided for each Stage in Milo's Activity book.  This unique strategy is designed to let children experience success in spelling by teaching the skill of segmenting words, or breaking words into sounds. Each activity provides a sequence of letter choices to ensure children can easily hear and identify each sound and letter.

Milo's Teacher Resource shows how to teach phonemic awareness and phonics together to achieve the best outcomes.  


Milo's Activity Book introduces children to the Heart words for the Little Learner books. It also provides written activities that provide an introduction before children begin reading the Little Learner books.  


The pages of Milo's Activity book can be photocopied by the purchaser for the classroom or home. 


Every child can learn to read, write and spell using Little Learners Love Literacy.  


Milo's Teacher Resource Pack (Stages 1-4)

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