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A compact desktop chart provides a quick reference for all of the phonemes and graphemes taught in Year 1, Stage 7.


Designed for the Year 1 classroom the Little Learners Love Literacy® Mini Sounds Chart Stage 7 displays the grapheme–phoneme correspondences taught in a neat desktop size - a fabulous teaching tool for spelling. Children can refer to them at any time during the school day to support them as they learn to read, write and spell with confidence.

The pack includes ten copies of the Mini Sounds Chart Stage 7(A4 laminated cards).


Mini Sounds Chart Stage 7 Pack of 10:


  • A key tool for explicitly teaching the alphabetic code following the Little Learners Love Literacy® teaching model
  • Provide a mnemonic for teaching and remembering the graphemes from Stage 7 Units 1-5 for reading and spelling
  • Link to our teaching resources for every stage.

Mini Sounds Chart Stage 7 Pack of 10

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