These resources provide engaging and focused activities to teach your child to read, write and spell with confidence.


Starting your child on the road to reading is very exciting!

Little Learners Love Literacy introduces sounds and letters in the engaging story called Milo's Birthday Surprise. Use the Milo's Alphabet Game cards to practice Chitter Chatter Chant and Speed Sounds.  As soon as children know 6 sounds including a vowel, they start making words. 

Have a look at the videos below to see Fiona from Milo's House doing Chitter Chatter Chant and Speed Sounds. 


The Activity book gives letter formation practice, reading practice and a perfect preparation for the Little Learner books.  It introduces spelling with Let's Spell - a super way of teaching children to hear and identify every sound in a word. 


The pack includes:

  • Milo's Birthday Surprise storybook - introduces 26 letters and sounds

  • Milo's Alphabet Frieze - a must for every child's bedroom

  • Milo's Music available on Spotify

  • Milo's Flipbook - create real (and fun) words together

  • Milo's Birthday Surprise Activity Book - practise handwriting, phonemic awareness, reading and spelling

  • Milo's Alphabet Games - Chitter Chatter Chant and Speed Sounds

  • Read and Match Word Game

  • Milo's Birthday Surprise Placemat - enjoy every meal with all of Milo's friends, while learning the alphabet

  • Milo's Making Words Placemats (set of 2) - introduce spelling of 3 letter words - consonant, vowel, consonant (e.g. b-e-d, j-o-g, b-i-t)

  • Bingo Games Stages 1 & 2, 3 & 4 - SPECIAL BONUS

Parent Starter Pack