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This little book pack includes 1 copy of each decodable book from Stages 1–6 of the Pip and Tim series.


There is nothing better than seeing a child discover the joy of reading. These fun stories are decodable, meaning children use their new knowledge of letters and sounds to decode the text. Our ‘no tricks’ Pip and Tim books start children on the journey of real reading. Be involved as your child goes from reading simple words to decoding more challenging words and stories as the stages progress.


This pack covers the first six stages of the Little Learners Love Literacy sequence – CVC words using the sounds and letters of the alphabet, blending adjacent consonants in words and reading consonant digraphs (two letters, one sound). Where to next? The Pip and Tim Little Book Pack Stage 7 includes 26 books to practise the complex alphabetic code.


These are stories children LOVE to read with words they CAN read!


The Pip and Tim Little Book Pack Stages 1–6:

  • Contains a total of 35 decodable books covering Stages 1, 2, 3, 4, Plus 4, 5 and 6.  There is a 5% discount built in to the pack price.
  • Feature stunning illustrations and engaging storylines to capture children’s interest with new characters and themes
  • Include notes on ‘How to enjoy this book’ and questions to talk about.

Pip and Tim Little Book Pack Stages 1-6

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