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There is nothing better than seeing a child discover the joy of reading. These beautifully illustrated Little Learner books enable children to read using their new knowledge of letters and sounds to decode text. They are carefully sequenced in 7 stages. Each stage is expertly levelled to support children as they move through the stages of learning to read. 


Stage 3 books introduces and practises another 5 letters and sounds:  y r e qu z.  Each stage has a small number of Heart words - that is high frequency words that children cannot decode at this stage and need to learn by heart.  Later these words won't be Heart words. 


Heart words:  he to was we she

Stage 3 stories:


   11. Ned is a pet ram. He hurts his leg and has to go to the vet.


    12. Big Ted and Meg: Pip is playing and looking after her favourite toys, Big Ted and Meg.


    13. Tim's Quiz: Tim is a quiz master who enjoys doing some magic tricks. 


   14. Dad and his hot dogs. Dad drives a cab. Pip and Dad go to the hot dog stand for lunch. Why does Dad have so many hot dogs?


   15. The rat: Tim goes fishing at the dam. He catches a cod. However, a rat runs at the cod and then Sam chases the rat. 

Pip and Tim Stage 3

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