Little Learner Books: Stage , Unit 1


The Snails That Tim Forgot focuses on words with ai and ay. Tim finds some snails in the mail box and puts them in his school bag. The snails have an adventure in the classroom leaving rainbow trails everywhere. Does Tim get into trouble?


The Teeny, Tiny Tree focuses on words with ea and ee. Mr Beam teaches Pip and Molly about seeds. They plant some seeds in a pea-green pot and watch as a tree grows. Then one day it vanishes. What has happened?


The Sky High Pie Shop focuses on words with igh and ie. More teaching with y in one-syllable words - spy, sky, by, why. Tim and Aiden make a pie shop in a tree hut. They retreat into their home when a storm starts.  The next morning they discover that instead of a pie shop they have a magpie shop! 


The Not So Good Goat focuses on words with oa. Tim looks after a goat named Joan. She gets into a lot of mischief and dad is not happy.  Are goats allowed to eat toast? 


Beach Camp revises all the graphemes introduced in the other four books.  Tim and Pip write letters home to their mum and dad telling them about their adventures on Beach Camp.  Children particularly love this book because of the style of writing.  They are very keen to write their own letters after reading Tim and Pip's. 

Pip and Tim Stage 7, Unit 1


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