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These beautifully illustrated decodable books are written specifically to provide children with enjoyment while practising their phonic knowledge in text.  Read below a synopsis of the story and the focus  phoneme/grapheme.


The familiar Pip and Tim Zan family continue to feature in all the books.  


Each story is carefully crafted by Berys Dixon to engage children with surprises and humour.  This is reflected in the colourful and quirky illustrations by Danielle McDonald. 


Art Party - Pip and Tim are very excited to show Mum and Dad their art work at their school.  This delighful story focuses on /ar/ decodable words. 


Silly Sports Day - This isn't any ordinary Sports Day, it is a Silly Sports Day. Beth arrives wearing high heels so you know it is going to be a disaster! They love the popcorn crawl but the Do Not Talk Game is really boring!  This story introduces /or/ with the graphemes or (as in sport) and aw (as in crawl).


Monster Picnic - the end of term picnic is a Monster Picnic. Seth has a great time finding Monsters at the picnic - a river monster, a monster cake and a dirty muddy monster! A fun story with delightful illustrations. Monster Picnic focuses on /er/ with the graphemes er (as in her), ur (as in hurt), ir (as in third). 


Airy Fairy Fair - Everyone is at the Airy Fairy Fair Day. But Tim has a problem - how can he get his scarecrow to the Fair for the Scarecrow Contest!  Who manages to ride in the hot air balloon? The /air/ is represented by air (as in hair), ere (as in in where), are (as in beware).


Ha! Ha! Ha! - This story revises all the sounds introduced in this stage and the previous stages.  Big Bill has lots of laughs at the Ha! Ha! Ha! night. 

Pip and Tim Stage 7, Unit 2

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