These beautifully illustrated decodable books are the next step up - little chapter books to engage children with the antics of the Smith twins and more friends of Pip and Tim. 


Each book focus on split digraphs - a-e as in tale, e -e as in theme, i-e as in shine, o-e as in hope and u-e as in tune.  More alternative digraphs are introduced - alternative phonemes for c when followed by an e, i or y (nice, city, cycle) and g as in orange, gigantic, gym. 


Morphology of the suffix ed - 3 sounds - ed as in expected, /d/ as in disappeared and /t/ as in jumped


Homophones are featured in A Strange Tale.  It also includes a game to apply and practise the children's growing knowledge. 

Pip and Tim Stage 7, Unit 4


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