These five beautiful posters, designed for the Year 1 classroom, provide a fabulous teaching tool for spelling.  


The large A0 (84cm x 118 cm) poster displays the complete alphabetic code covering the content of the LLLL scope and sequence for Foundation and Year 1.  A super teaching tool for spelling, writing and reading. The focus is on the vowel sounds which are notoriously tricky.


The four A2 (42 cm x 59 cm) posters represent the grapheme-phoneme correspondences taught in Stage 7 Unit 1, 2, 3, & 4.


These posters are based on the Speed Sounds and Chants cards which are a core element of Little Learners Love Literacy.  They also link to our teaching resources - Teacher Activity Resource books for every stage. 


Poster Set Stage 1-7 Speed Sounds and Chants


    We're dedicated to bridging the gap between evidence-based research and the teaching of reading, spelling and writing.


    With training that aligns with the science of reading, teachers can understand and teach the English spelling system for both reading and writing with confidence and success.


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