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Sound Swap has a box of 49 letter cards representing the 44 sounds of the English Alphabetic code plus a Word Chain book setting out lists of words to use.  This makes it so simple for teachers and parents. 


Sound Swap focuses on manipulating sounds and letters in words and involves both spelling and reading. Children change one grapheme in a word to make a new word in the chain, for example, starting with the word cap, add a letter to make the word clap, change a letter to make clip and so on. 


Sound Swap focuses on phonemic awareness and phonics teaching the 44 sounds of the English alphabetic code using 49 cards. Each card is colour coded as in the Little Learners Love Literacy ® program. Three word cards are included. 


Simple to use in the classroom or at home. Teaching the skill of segmenting for spelling and reading is critical for literacy.  Spelling needs a strong focus. 

Sound Swap Word Game plus Word Chain Book

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