SoundCheck offers a framework for explicit teaching of spelling to optimise children’s literacy learning. The books are easy to use with step-by-step instructions for each lesson and lists of words for each of the 26 units.


SoundCheck is designed to let children experience success in spelling, by teaching the skill of segmenting words, or breaking words into sounds. Each of the 26 units provides a sequence of letter choices to ensure children hear and identify each sound and letter. Vowels are gradually introduced and contrasted as they are the more difficult sounds in literacy learning. In addition, SoundCheck has specific units on sh, ch, th, ck endings, ss, ll, zz, plus initial and final blends. Copymasters are provided in Sassoon and Victorian Cursive fonts.


Phonological Fun activities for each unit are provided - Sound Circle, Silly Sentences, Secret Sound, Vowel sort pictures etc.


An assessment package for pre and post teaching provides a diagnostic assessment tool.  Simple and effective to know where each student needs to start. 


SoundCheck can be used with groups and individuals.  It is so easy to use both in the classroom and at home. 

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    We're dedicated to bridging the gap between evidence-based research and the teaching of reading, spelling and writing.


    With training that aligns with the science of reading, teachers can understand and teach the English spelling system for both reading and writing with confidence and success.


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