Spelling is important!  Spelling needs to be taught explicitly using multi-sensory strategies that engage children and give success.  


These three resources do exactly this!  Using both the SoundCheck strategy and Sound


Swap activities it is easy to teach children starting with simple consonant, vowel, consonant words and progressing to why you need to double a consonant in words such as happy, to words with 'tion'. 


SoundCheck is the number one resource for teaching spelling.  It keeps children engaged as they experience success from the beginning. 


Simple and effective to use both at home and in the classroom.  

SoundCheck 1 and 2 + Sound Swap Game and Book


    We're dedicated to bridging the gap between evidence-based research and the teaching of reading, spelling and writing.


    With training that aligns with the science of reading, teachers can understand and teach the English spelling system for both reading and writing with confidence and success.


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