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An essential tool to teach, practise and revise the Little Learners Love Literacy® Stages 1–7 phonemes and graphemes – in one complete pack.


Save time and money with this value pack providing a mnemonic for teaching and remembering the graphemes from Stages 1 to 7.4 for reading and spelling.

This pack comprises:

  • Stages 1–6 Display Set and Stage 7 Display Set – perfect for whole class demonstration
  • Stages 1–6 Classroom Set and Stage 7 Classroom Set – for daily speed sounds and small group work
  • Stages 1–6 Mini Set and Stage 7 Mini Set – for student work including small group reading and spelling activities.

The Stages 1–6 sets contain 37 cards and the Stage 7 sets contain 57 cards with graphemes on one side and a mnemonic on the other. The mnemonic chants and illustrations include all your favourite Milo Monkey characters as well as Pip and Tim from Stage Plus 4 onwards.

Speed Sounds and Chants Stages 1–7 Super Pack:


  • A key tool for explicitly teaching the alphabetic code following the Little Learners Love Literacy® teaching model for Stages 1–7
  • Three sizes to meet all classroom needs in one click
  • Simple to use following the model videos for each Stage on the Little Learners Love Literacy® YouTube channel and the Mini Set teaching notes.

Speed Sounds and Chants Cards Stages 1-7 Super Pack

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