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Explicit teaching support and carefully constructed activities for reading, spelling and writing.


This is the digital version of the Stage 7 Unit 4 Teacher Activity Resource book.


In Stage 7 Unit 4, children continue to learn the complex alphabetic code, as well as building their knowledge of morphology. Children learn more alternative spellings for long vowels, including split digraphs. Children also learn some alternative spellings for consonant sounds /s/, /j/, /n/, /r/, and /m/. The focus is still on reading and spelling - reversible skills which need to be linked for the most effective teaching.


Stage 7 Unit 4 sequence: a-e a i-e i e-e e o-e o ow u-e ew ue u ui kn gn wwr mb + soft c, soft g and morphology


This Teacher Activity Resource book follows the same format as Stage 7 Units 1–3 – aiming to make the teaching of the complex code simple. Use it alongside the Pip and Tim Stage 7.4 decodable books and Little Learners Love Literacy® practice games.


Teacher Activity Resource Stage 7.4:


  • Breaks down the content with sample teaching plans and weekly planning guidance, including background information
  • Includes unique small group instruction resources such as Let’s spell, Let’s write, Sound and write
  • Provides opportunities for children to grow their vocabulary
  • Provides opportunities for children to practise and apply knowledge with activities for independent reading and writing.

Teacher Activity Resource Stage 7 Unit 4 (DIGITAL ONLY)

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