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We’ve been working hard to develop this completely bespoke document to take students' understanding of spelling patterns, rules, and morphology to the next level, developing independent readers and writers. 


In the Dictation and Blended Review, each List from The Code features sentences directly related to the teaching of the spelling pattern, rule or morphology for teachers to dictate in their lessons.


Dictation provides students with the opportunity to apply their new and developing knowledge of the alphabetic code at sentence level and is a bridge to independent writing.


Review is an important element of Structured Literacy which is why we’ve also included Blended Review - a list of sentences which includes what has just been taught as well as previously taught aspects of The Code. 


Dictation and Blended Review allows students to practice and consolidate their prior learning.


Dictations and Blended Review is designed to be used alongside The Code.


Please note that this file is a download which will be emailed to you once you have completed checkout through our online store. Once payment has been received, your physical copy will be posted to you. 

Dictations + Blended Review

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