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This small group book pack includes 5 copies of each decodable book from The Wiz Kids series Stages 1–6 – perfect for regular small group reading sessions.


These are stories children LOVE to read with words they CAN read! We call them the 'no tricks' books as they are sequential, building on the phonic skills children have learnt.


The Wiz Kids decodable books are ideal for small group reading sessions led by the teacher, allowing children to apply their new skills and knowledge by reading a real story. These decodable books can be used to build fluency, vocabulary knowledge and comprehension, too. 


Don’t leave anything to chance – teach ALL children to read with decodable books! They are our 'secret ingredient' to reading success.


Key Features:

  • Great value
  • Contains 5 copies of each Wiz Kids book from Stages 1, 2, 3, 4, Plus 4, 5 and 6 (total 175 books), plus Small Group Reading Teacher Notes Stages 1-4 and Stages +456, and one copy of Speed Sounds and Chants Stages 1-6 Mini Set.
  • Includes FREE Character Cards.
  • Feature stunning illustrations and engaging storylines to capture children’s interest with new characters and themes
  • Include notes on ‘How to enjoy this book’, comprehension questions and Speed words for additional reading practice.

Classroom Book Pack - The Wiz Kids

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