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The LLARS should be used to assess:

  • grapheme/phoneme knowledge

  • single word decoding of nonwords

  • reading heart words

  • reading unseen decodable texts (including fluency and comprehension).


The LLARS assesses learners from Stages 1-7 Unit 5. It comprises 4 subtests: 

  • Subtest 1 Grapheme/phoneme knowledge

  • Subtest 2 Decoding non-words

  • Subtest 3 Reading Heart Words (optional)

  • Subtest 4 Reading unseen decodable texts


The LLARS will provide you with data that can be used to inform your explicit structured literacy teaching and interventions, as well as demonstrate student progress.


The LLARS is a free digital download.

The Little Learners Assessment of Reading Skills - LLARS

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