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Are you a quiz wiz? This reading game will generate lots of talk in your classroom!


This unique and simple quiz gives children practice reading short questions with decodable words matched to stages 1-4 of the Little Learners scope and sequence. The questions are fun and quirky and provide a springboard for interesting discussions, to develop oral language and vocabulary skills.


Children answer ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘maybe’, and have to justify their answer using evidence from the illustrations – no matter how silly the question is!

Contents include: 30 Stage 1 question cards, 24 Stage 5 question cards and 120 Stage 6 question cards in foru boxes. The game also includes a QR code to access instructions, extension ideas and bingo play grids.


The Wiz Kids Quiz:


  • Develop oral language and vocabulary skills
  • Build fluency by reading short, decodable questions
  • Fun and quirky questions that provide a springboard for conversations
  • 120 questions linked to The Wiz Kids Stages 1-4 decodable books
  • Beautifully illustrated by Elenio Pico


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The Wiz Kids Quiz

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