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These are stories children LOVE to read with words they CAN read!

There is nothing better than seeing a child discover the joy of reading. These delightful stories are decodable meaning children use their new knowledge of letters and sounds to decode the text.


Stage 5 Learning Focus:

  • Blending adjacent consonants in words - CCVC (as in Fran), CVCC (as in tank), CCVCC (as in drink).
  • Reading words with the consonant digraph ck (as in sick, brick, packs, cracks)
  • Reading compound and two-syllable words.


There are small number of Heart words included in each book. These are words that children cannot decode (sound out) yet, so they need to learn any tricky bits off by heart. Read more about heart words here.


Key Features:

  • Stunning illustrations by Elenio Pico, and wacky storylines to capture children's interest with new characters and themes;
  • Opportunities to practise and apply the phonics knowledge taught explicitly in Stage 5;
  • Notes on 'How to enjoy this book' and comprehension questions;
  • Speed words for additional reading practice.

The Wiz Kids Stage 5

    • Liz Kane Literacy YouTube Channel
    • Liz Kane Literacy Instagram
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