There are many webinars, websites, videos and podcasts available for us to learn more about the Science of Reading and Structured Literacy. Here are some of Liz Kane's highly recommended resources for further reading which she returns to frequently to inform her work.

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The Science of Reading

Delivering on the promise of education starts with the mastery of the most fundamental foundational skill—the ability to read. Not only is reading critical to the success of further education but it is an expected accomplishment in order to thrive in contemporary society. Of equal importance, leading a literate life can bring immense joy and beauty to a human being’s life.

Yet many children today are not learning to read.

To discover the fundamental text: The Science of Reading, click through to the document below. 

Building a Strong Foundation for Learning to Read

Students who struggle to decode the words

quickly enough begin to avoid reading, and the lack of practice contributes to a lack of vocabulary, academic language, and content knowledge. This all results in lower comprehension and a lack of motivation to continue to expend the effort necessary for learning to read.

The foundational reading skills are those that enable students to read words, relate those words to their oral language, and read connected text with sufficient accuracy and fluency to understand what they read. 


Download the below report to learn more. 

Building the Reading Brain

Research based reading programs that emphasise phonological awareness, phonics, the rules of spelling and writing, as well as comprehension have not only been shown to be critical for all early readers, but have even been found to “normalise” brain function for struggling readers.

Learn more about Building the Reading Brain here. 

The Science of Reading 101


‘The Science of Reading’  by Amplify has the latest insights to the topics in early reading.

The Reading League’ is hosted by Laura Stewart the National Director of the Reading League

The inaugural episode is with the esteemed Dr Louisa Moats

Emily Handford’s three reports ignited international conversations about the teaching of reading


Hard to Read: How American schools fail kids with dyslexia

Hard Words: Why aren't kids being taught to read?

At a Loss for Words: How a flawed idea is teaching millions of kids to be poor readers


A series of three webinars to introduce The Why, What and How of The Science of Reading, presented by Laura Stewart.

Learning Difficulties Australia have a series of webinars worth checking out below. 

How the Brain Learns to Read
by Prof Stanislas Dehaene 
A French cognitive neuroscientist explains the neural connections and pathways that are required in all brains for reading to occur.

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