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Meet Fem Castles, an educator with a commitment to Literacy teaching since she commenced her teaching journey in 1998. Over the years, Fem has garnered experience teaching across all year levels, with a primary focus on Years 1-3.

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Fem’s teaching career has taken her to diverse educational landscapes, ranging from large schools boasting over 1000 students to the intimate setting of a small full-primary school with just 25 students. This varied experience has equipped her with a unique perspective, allowing her to cater to the specific needs of different learning environments. Fem’s teaching journey includes teaching in New Zealand, London and Brisbane, offering a global perspective on education.

In 2020, Fem opened her tutoring business. This endeavour allowed her to extend her expertise beyond the traditional classroom setting, providing personalised support to students and their families. She has demonstrated her commitment to continuous professional development by completing LETRS (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling) and Sounds-Write, two comprehensive literacy programmes. These certifications emphasise her dedication to staying at the forefront of effective teaching practices.

Fem had the opportunity to present at the Auckland SBP conference in 2023, allowing her to share her insights and best practices with fellow educators.


Fem is committed to empowering teachers with the knowledge and skills of best literacy-teaching practices and is excited to be starting at Liz Kane Literacy in 2024.

Fem's Timeline


Graduated University of Otago

  • Diploma of Teaching

  • Bachelor of Education


Began tutoring business, using Structured Literacy to support children to learn to read, write and spell. 

Completed Sounds-Write (linguistic phonics)


Presented at SBP Auckland

1998 - 2023

Started teaching career - mainly in Years 1-3, but experience across all Year levels. Worked in NZ, London and Brisbane


Completed LETRS (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling)


Joined Liz Kane Literacy


Two-day Intensive Structured Literacy Workshop 

$500 excl. GST 

Morning tea and lunch included.

  • Liz Kane Literacy YouTube Channel
  • Liz Kane Literacy Instagram
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