The Code is a resource to support teaching Structured Literacy from Year One through to Year Eight. Structured Literacy includes explicit and systematic teaching of phonological awareness, the alphabetic principle, syllable types and morphology, and The Code encompasses these.

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The Code


Resources available to download

Student Recording Sheets

Download the Student Recording Sheets for each year, from year one, through to year seven/eight.

Lesson Overview with Examples

The lesson overview includes lesson examples, and shows the elements of a lesson sequence. There are six lesson examples from each year level of The Code as well as a planning format.

Teaching Heart Words

In The Code, Heart Words are words with an irregular spelling pattern or high frequency words with a spelling pattern that hasn’t yet been taught.

Student Tracking Sheets

Keep up to date with the latest tracking sheets from Liz Kane made accessible via Google Drive. 
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The Code

The Code


We're dedicated to bridging the gap between evidence-based research and the teaching of reading, spelling and writing.


With training that aligns with the science of reading, teachers can understand and teach the English spelling system for both reading and writing with confidence and success.


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