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Welcome to Liz Kane Literacy

We’re dedicated to bridging the gap between evidence-based research and the teaching of reading, spelling and writing. 


Our Services

Liz Kane Literacy collaborates with a team of passionate educators and ambassadors across the country collectively supporting each classroom’s needs.


Tools for teachers
and parents

Discover which tools are right for you. Whether you're instructing in a classroom or looking to introduce a solid system for your child at home, we break down which tools are best suited to your needs. 

Workshops that
work hard

Return to school with confidence and launch the Structured Literacy approach with your students. To learn more about which workshops are available in your area, register at the link below or, alternatively, head to the Professional Learning page here. 


Reading that
makes sense

Structured Literacy focuses on 'phonemic awareness and alphabet knowledge' - alongside other key components -giving children the skills they need to read, spell and write with confidence. Learn more about the science of reading and discover the reports, webinars and podcasts that support the work that we do. 



What our community are saying

Liz has provided our school with the most amazing PLD on Structured Literacy. As a school, this has been the best learning journey that we have ever embarked on.


Liz is informative and knowledgeable on up to date research and the practical ways to implement evidence-based teaching into our day to day practice. She has been crucial in building our knowledge of the 'Alphabetic Code' and the 'Science of Reading'.

I finally felt like I've found something worth going back into teaching for. Thank you for giving me tools now to do the job I've always wanted to do and really be able to make a difference with those precious kids that are struggling.

I was blown away by the simple sequence and flow to teaching the Code. It felt like such a crime to me that I didn’t have these tools for teaching when I exited teachers college over 30 years ago.

The current system is failing to teach children to read. Making children rely on memorising words is not a system. The Little Learners Love Literacy (LLLL) system gives children the tools to be able to learn how to read and they seem really engaged by it.

We have only had about 5 sessions and then we have been following using the decodable books and other resources from Liz at home. The progress my son has made during this time is amazing! He has gone up 4 stages in the time he has been doing the program. He is able to look at the letters, slide the sounds and work words out and that process is becoming easier with more and more practice.

Over the last two years, Liz has been instrumental in supporting us with the Professional Development of our staff. Liz is a captivating presenter - she is very adept at bridging the gap between science and research and presenting it in a manageable and practical way.


At the end of her workshops, the staff are always armed with steps to implement in their classroom. Liz provides personal feedback to teachers in a kind and constructive way and always links the suggestions back to the evidence or research that supports best practice.

Having a daughter with Dyslexia who is strongly multi-sensory has really developed my own thinking and approach to teaching and learning... Your course helped me to wrap it in more specific/technical language and The Code helped to put it into clear progressions.

A great aha moment for me was watching the video and seeing why children who don't have Dyslexia have letter reversal issues because of the mirror imaging.



Ministry of Education launches new books to improve New Zealand's falling literacy rates


Two-day Intensive Structured Literacy Workshop 

$500 excl. GST 

Morning tea and lunch included.

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